Google har under dagen börjat skicka ut en ny uppdatering till Google Pixels. Det rör sig om den sista betan innan Google kommer släppa den första skarpa versionen av Android 11.

Det ser ut som att Google fixat följande i den sista betan av Android 11:


  • Package visibility: When you declare an intent filter for browser apps, your app gains visibility into browser apps on the device. In previous versions, this intent filter gave apps visibility into a broader set of apps. (Issue #158914189)
  • Fixed app stability issues that were caused by upgrading the version of SQLite that is used by the Android platform from 3.22 to 3.28.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some apps from connecting to the internet when the device was using cellular data.
  • Fixed an issue that interfered with some apps’ ability to determine a device’s GPS location.
  • Fixed an issue with SurfaceTexture that was causing some apps to crash intermittently.

Google apps

  • The Google app, Google search bar, or Discover feed no longer sometimes freeze or become unresponsive. (Issue #159192774)
  • Some labels in the Pixel launcher Home settings no longer display incorrectly. (Issue #160946862)
  • Users are no longer blocked from upgrading the Photos app to the latest version. (Issue #160848917)

Uppdateringen skickas ut löpande världen över.

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