Google Play Store och andra tjänster uppdateras

Google har idag startat skicka ut en ny uppdatering till till Google Play och andra Google-tjänster. Mer specifikt ser det ut som att Google inkluderat följande nyheter:

Account Management

  • [Auto, Phone, Tablet, TV, Wear OS] Improve the support experience for the Google Account on Android by serving more relevant content to users based on entry point.

Security & Privacy

  • [Phone] With password addition, you can manually add credentials for apps and sites to the Google Password Manager.


  • [Auto, Tablet, TV, Wear OS, Phone] New user discovery flow on supported Android devices to explain what’s new in a major operating system update.


  • [Phone] With the update to Android TV, users will have a new way of signing in to their TV using Android Phones.
  • [Phone] With updates to the new version of Contact UI, users can opt in to consents.


  • [Phone] Users will have the ability to search for the agency they are looking for without manually scrolling.
  • [Auto, Tablet, TV, Wear OS, Phone] Some eligible cardholder users will default to SMS verification.

Developer Services

  • New developer features for Google & 3rd party app developers to support ads, analytics & diagnostics, machine learning & AI related developer services in their apps.
  • Improvements to the Sign in with Google user interface