Hem Nothing Phone 2 erhåller OS 2.0.3

Nothing Phone 2 erhåller OS 2.0.3

Phone 2 Pdp Glyph Header Desktop 1536x1024

Nothing har under natten skickat ut en ny uppdatering till Phone 2. Den här uppdateringen innehåller, som ni troligen hör, ingen jättestor skillnad men lite nyheter innehåller den här uppdateringen.

What’s new

  • Added the Compass widget. After placing it, swipe down to see more detailed information.
  • Added new UI to show when the device is pocket mode.
  • Added support for Zomato in Glyph Progress. Navigate to Settings > Glyph Interface> Glyph Progress to enable this integration. 
  • Added an Improve ‘OTG Compatibility” toggle in Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Increased the Screen Recorder capture resolution.
  • Adjusted the animation speed of the keyboard popping up after opening the app drawer.
  • Improved haptic feedback.
  • Improved NFC stability.
  • Improved Bluetooth connection stability in various scenarios.
  • Minor Ul adjustments.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Uppdateringen skickas ut löpande.